Tomato Woman

Eating a tomato sandwich almost daily (sometimes several a day) is about the only time I eat bread of any kind.  The Pres always has to buy extra loaves of my healthy grain bread when Summer is here and our tomatoes are ripe.  

Although I'm not sure why, but I have never been fond of bread.  It makes me too full and then I don't have room for all the other good stuff on my plate.  Like tonight, we're having corn on the cob, saut├ęd zucchini and onions, baked potato and grilled marinated chicken...YUM!   Gosh I love my veggies!!

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Tomato Woman


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Michelle said…
Nothing quite like a good, warm tomato from the garden. I have been eating several a day lately!
Ann Thompson said…
OMG that looks delicious

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