Hurricane Warnings

This may not look like much to you however....

As the local weathermen were predicting the rain totals for our area once Hurricane Ida passed through, I told the Pres I was going out to get a rain gauge.  In the past, I always placed a container of some sort out on the lawn, then measured it the next day.  Yet this year was super that lawn care has become my responsibility.  I wanted to see just how much rain our lawn would get.

Speaking of lawn care, I have to digress before I go on any further.  Talking to my daughter on her commute to work one morning, she said, "You know Mom, you have probably taken some of Joey's fun away by cutting the grass."

ME:  "Really?  Gosh Babe, I didn't mean to do that.  Now I feel really bad.  Maybe I should ask him."

An hour later, I went upstairs.  There sat the Pres in his recliner, orange juice at his side.

ME:  "Hon, I have to ask you something.  Jennifer and I were having a conversation this morning and she said that by me mowing the grass, I have taken away your fun.  Did I?"

HIM:  Tossing his head back into the chair and smiling (almost chuckling), he said, "Trust me, you have not taken away my fun.  YOU can cut the grass as much as you want!"

Anyway, so Ida came through our area and yes indeed, that rain gauge worked perfectly.  Considering I put it out at 2:30 pm, when it had been raining the entire day while I was out looking for a blooming gauge, we ended up with 6 inches of the good stuff!

Oh, one more thing.  In addition to listening to the local weathermen, I paid attention to Katniss' behavior.  As the storm got closer, the sun came out and everything was still outside.  I watched her relocate from gazing out the slider up onto the DR table located in the center of the house.  Shortly thereafter, the wind and rain began and didn't let up for hours!

seeing, saying, sharing...

Hurricane Warnings

Brian's Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday

We lost NO trees, NO branches and because we're on a ridge, we had NO water damage.


Ginny Hartzler said…
Hurrah, lots of rain with no damage! I need to get a rain gauge!
Sandee said…
That's a lot of rain and I'm glad you're okay. that kitty on the table looks like a kitty I had many years ago. She went anywhere she wanted and I let her.

Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥
Brian said…
I sure am glad that Hurricane Ida was mostly polite when she went through your area. That's a real plus. Thanks for joining our Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!
Ann said…
Glad to hear you didn't have any damage. It's amazing how animals can sense an incoming storm.
eileeninmd said…

The rain is always welcome. I am glad you did not have any damage.
MY hubby would not mind if someone cut our grass, lol. Have a great day and happy weekend!
We got about 5 1/2 inches from Ida as she moved toward the northeast. No wind, thankfully. Glad you escaped the worst of it.

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