Who Knew?

Ever since the drawdown, I thought I was seeing White Egrets along the exposed shoreline eating the fish.  In fact last week I thought I saw three Egrets hanging out with the Great Blue.  Boy, was I WRONG!!

After speaking with "John", a very good friend who knows just about everything you could want to know about Nature and the Club, I learned about another bird.  He totally straightened me out.

ME:  "Hey, I've been seeing Egrets down at the Club.  Have you seen them?"

HIM:  "Those are not Egrets you're seeing.  Those are WHITE HERONS.  Google them when you get home.  You'll see."

Of course, you know I did, right?  Well, Holy Moosepoops...I'll be darn!  Great White Herons can be identified because they have the largest,heaviest bills which are unmistakably hefty and yellow compared to the slimmer billed Great White Egret.  I went on to read about the manner of movement, their feeding techniques and posture also aid in identification.

seeing, saying, and sharing...

Who Knew?

Wild Bird Wednesday

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Brian said…
Too cool, they went out to eat some seafood and said put that on my bill!
Ginny Hartzler said…
Wow! It is so good you have a friend to tell you all about this!
Ann said…
Very cool. I probably would not know the difference between the two if I saw them.
eileeninmd said…

I di know about the White herons, I think I have one just once.
Great sighting and photo! Take care, enjoy your day!

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